candidlygay said: Before I found your blog, the sun was like a yellow grape.

Bless you.

captain--danvers said: But the real Larry is awesome, he's not like the character in the tv show. So maybe he's just like "nah, I know I'm not like this"

Probably. I still wouldn’t mind if show Larry and Piper fixed things between them.

It’s quite apparent that I can’t keep up with it. If you’d all like content to start up again, I’m going to need some help.

If you’d like to help, I ask for the following requirements:

  • photofiltre/photoshop
  • basic knowledge of how to use the above programs
  • the fonts “UCU Charles Script” and “Times New Roman” installed
  • don’t be a shitty fucking person

I’ve had a blog before, which I asked for help with. Once I partnered up with that person, they changed the password on my blog and wouldn’t give me the information because I wasn’t regularly adding content and she “could handle it by herself”. So, I’m not just going to pick someone and hand over the account credentials. If you’re not a shitty person and meet the above requirements, inbox me!

yesscrubs said: your account makes me laugh so much I thought I was gonna cry because of my math test but I just love this account so much it's so original I just ajdjdidkd

So… my blog saved you from crying? I’m putting that on my résumé.


heiracosphinx said: thank you so much for this blog xo

You’re welcome, love. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep it updated :(

peaceful-illusions said: I hope the series doesn't end with Piper and Larry getting married, just because they are in real life. I want vauseman forever!

Sure, and a lot of people would agree with you.

I don’t think I’d care one way or the other.

But, imagine being the real Larry. All this happens to your fiancee.
You eventually get married to her, and her memoir gets popular.
TV show is made. In the tv show, everyone hates you and then somehow, in the end, even though it is (albeit loosely at this point) based on your wife’s life, you don’t even end up with her? And get to watch someone else be with her? That’d be shitty, wouldn’t it?

But I get it, it’s just a tv show. So it’s not actually supposed to be taken that seriously, haha.