So, swapping owners didn’t really work out like I intended. Updates still weren’t being made and that was sort of the whole point. So, I’ve decided to come back and try to pick up and start updating at least once a week.

This is what I need from you guys:
New material is getting hard, so I need to know what you guys want to see more of on here.
Who do you want to see, which scenes, what ideas?

Submit them in my ask, or respond to this post and I’ll start making new posts by this weekend!

Thanks! -Shelby

Hello all!

I am the complete stranger that Shelby was referring to. She did a spectacular job of running justprisonthings and I hope to achieve the quality that she brought to the blog. I will make it my duty to keep this blog as active as possible. So, feel free to send in as many submissions as you like. 


tropiicola said: Wait I saw an ask saying that Taylor and the Larry actor are married.. But they're not are they?

I’m gonna go with no.

themisssixx said: Hey, by any chance are you selling belly button rings??

My Etsy page is down, but I still make them. Feel free to message my personal account if you’re still interested.

Seeing as I have no more time, and no new material, I will no longer be running this page.

I am, however, giving the account over to a complete stranger who seems like they’d make a good enough, if not better, admin.

Thanks for all the support! You can follow me on my personal blog HERE.

candidlygay said: Before I found your blog, the sun was like a yellow grape.

Bless you.